Artist: Matt Nin               Location: NW England – Cheshire

(fine art, ceramic art, creative practice, graphics, illustration)


Ninobi Arts’ creative ethos built on the foundations of free thinking, imagination, improvisation, exploration, self expression, equality of the arts, crafts and sciences. Patience, creativity, productivity, mindfulness, self betterment, ecoconscious and tech savy. Collaborating disciplines and creative thinking.


“Hello, my name is Matt Nin, I am the founder and currently the only student master of Ninobi Arts and opperating creative Ninobi practitioner based in North West England, Cheshire, working and creating across multiple fields within fine art (abstract, expressionist, surrealist, landscapes,sculpture ), illustration, digital graphic design, ceramics, photography and experimental music. Currently studying permaculture and sustainable design aswell as always seeking to improve through self teaching and experimenting with new creative techniques, combining disciplines.”

“I enjoy interpreting, abstracting or capturing the surrounding landscapes through drawing/painting and photography. Aswell as landscapes, i’m interested in the world beneath our feet, the night sky, the textures and colours of our natural world. Plant life, hills and valleys and the sounds of our cities to the silence of our peeks. Our beaches, oceans and micro organisms or our forrest floors and the array of insect life and fungi. Close ups of the natural environment, biodiversity, dichotomy of urban and rural landscapes, wildlife of Cheshire and the North West national parks aswell as the coast, taking inspiration from these experiences, with influences from fantasy and science fiction, soundscapes, architecture, astronomy, philosophy, cosmology and music, melding together into pieces that traverse many subjects, images, colours and personal hypothesis on life.”

He does however also state that, simply put, “art brightens up peoples homes, the streets, it allows the viewer to have a personal moment of reflection and contemplation. Good for the working environment and can transport the viewers to somewhere else; igniting their own creativity and imaginations”.  “Painting and Drawing allows for great freedom of expression to explore within the mindscape of imagination, abstraction of narrative and two dimensional wizardry where we can allow our minds to wonder and intuitive creative connections are born of ink and acrylic, whereas sculptural works and installations place the observer within the works physical realm or space from where the observer can experience a journey through and around or within the artworks space, changing perspectives in a litteral sense. I enjoy creating this feeling of changing viewpoints or perspectives and discovering something new through my paintings and other media”.

Exploring use of different media onto canvas and found objects.  His works tend to involve abstracts of natural and man-made forms from urban/rural society and landscapes with a dystopian future feel in other places in space and time. Question the notion of reality.  Science and its influence on his personal research and intrigue naturally plays a role in subject matter and how his works may appear to distort or question multiple viewpoints or dimensions. Interested in different perceptions. Seamlessly jumping from the molecular to the galactic and all that’s in between. He mentions how he likes to be surprised by his own creations and therefore rarely overly pre-plans his artwork, prefering to work from the ‘se at of my pants’ in a more spontaneous intuitive approach to painting, drawing and creating.

2008-2013 ceramic exploration MA study of materials

Titles: Fragile Earth; The Strata Complex;


The world is ever eroding and ever evolving, in a continuous cycle of natural progression and change, from the movement of the tectonic plates to volcanoes to the tid14102010423-900x675es of our oceans and flow of our rivers and streams. We are spectators. sculptural ceramic work hand-built with some industrial finishing processes such as diamond grinding/smoothing and cutting of the fired surfaces.   experimented with recycled additives such as glass and aggregates/fired and crushed ceramic pieces, with oxides incorporated into similar high fired clay bodies to alter the sediment aesthetic within the layers. The firing process of a slow burn to 1280 over 24 hours crystallizes, shrinks and binds the clay creating new bonds whilst fracturing others in a progressive flux, freezing moments in time, encapsulating the aggressive reaction to the heat and chemistry imitating our earth’s natural processes. It is you, it is me. It is the elements. It is history; it is change, it is mother earth. It is all and none of these things.