Written by MD Nin

The sun shone through;

A most magical view, a top a rock I began, I flew. The inexplicable the unintentional the inconsiderate, the interchangeable. Nothing’s inconceivable. A life begins, a thought is born, we’ll take our chances and advance at dawn.

The world out there so invitingly raw with its colour its smells, its gritty floor. A rolling backdrop of a hardened deep sea. We walk these lands atop distant history.

The constant evolving great mother earth.  A wise old soul, so pure of light and life and birth. Billions of years its path been set, the point we arrive lest not forget, a moment entwined in the corner of our eyes our histories collide, we run we jump we leap we strive.  Look up, breath in, take a swim, We are the children of the sun and of ignorant sin.

We change too much yet not enough. Entertain an idea, begin your own frontier and listen to the dance of your inner ear, cast your minds eye out into the depths of the infinite cosmos.  An opened window of a single star one look one leap one reach too far.  Breath in, breath out, breath in, breath out.

Heavy and calm, the mountains consult the sky. “what breath do you bring, what words do you sing when you fly by?” asked the mountainside.  “shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” ………….said the sky.

An unimaginable complexity united by theory by belief, perception, anxiety. We’re all riding this rock through the cosmic soup of eternity, of experience, of frequency and mischief of conformity.

Yet our differences too often misunderstood and a want for power and a lust for more repels against the good. Our history is slight and has always been raw; battles for glory, death for more.

It’s time we changed and awoke from this slumber, too long we’ve lived in a constant thunder. There’s still time and still hope, for that quiet contemplation, wake up and apply the notion. No segregation, humiliation. The mountains speak and the sun plays out the beat. A cacophony of colours and a tsunami of sound.  The blue whales gather to hear souls collide, our hearts beat , we dance ,we drink ,we laugh ,we cry ,we sing, we eat, we play ,we dance ,we swing ,we drink ,we laugh we love, we smile, we see, we sleep.

A change is underway, a conscious awakening is having its say.

The Sun still rose, that very next day. Good luck, god speed and Namaste

“Come in and know me better man”


One and all !

to Ninobi Arts’s new website!

October 2016

Hello and welcome! The launch is finally here and the shop is open for business. If you require any information dont hesitate to contact me via the contacts page or you can email me direct to mdnin85@gmail.com with queries about my artwork, current projects, prints, commission propositions and more, basicly whatever you like!

With the site in its infancy there will be a lot of changes over time and new work will be added to the shop so if there is a piece you would like but cant see it for sale you can contact me to check availability.

Thankyou for visiting! Have a nice day